5 Pro Rocket League Tips to Help You Win

A Rocket League powershot is when you strike the ball as hard as possible. The easiest way to get it is to hit the ball with the second part of a double jump just as it comes off the ground.

If you're playing Rocket League in the Red Bull 5G qualifiers, you should pay attention to these top tips from Northern Gaming's Rocket League pro Remkoe. With his help, you could win your matches for a shot at representing your region in our eSports tournament that pits the best players from the north of the UK up against the most talented gamers from the south.

1. Use the powershot

A Rocket League powershot is when you strike the ball as hard as possible. The easiest way to get it is to hit the ball with the second part of a double jump just as it comes off the ground.

You can use the ball's bounce to give it an upward trajectory that will sail high towards your opponent’s goal or away from your own. If you time it right, a powershot on target will be too hot to handle by defenders and usually lead to a goal. And even if the shot is off target you can always follow it up with an aerial dunk off the backboard. More on this later.

2. Always check your surroundings

In Rocket League, awareness is your key to victory. Keeping your head on a swivel will reveal opportunities and dangers on the fly, and will improve your game. As it’s so fast paced, I recommend setting your Cam Swivel speed to 5.0 or higher so you can quickly see the action.

Alertness and a quick camera means you can react and adapt quickly. For example, switch off Ball-Cam so you’re no longer tethered to seeing the orb as it goes, and you can use the analogue stick to look down and around the pitch after you pop the ball high into the air. This gives you a view of the playing field, which you can use to plot your next move.

So if you see an opponent waiting, you can follow up with a shot on goal. But if they’re already in the air you can circle back to protect your own goal as there's no point in trying an aerial challenge if you know your opponent is going to beat you to the ball.

You can also use the camera when on the attack to see if your teammates are ready for a pass instead of just going for a weak panic shot that’s easily saved.

3. Take advantage of the backboard

Most Rocket League veterans are experts at protecting their own goal, especially in competitive matches. It’s easy to anticipate a shot on target when an opponent is in a lot of space, but these direct efforts can be easily blocked so the best way to fox a solid defence is to use the backboard.

Defending a dunk off the backboard is possible, but it’s much harder for opponents to keep out. Instead of shooting at goal, aim high above the net with a powershot as your teammate closes in. The defender will invariably expect a shot on goal and will jump even before it’s taken.

Do this correctly and the shot will hit the backboard, the defender will be out of position and your teammate will be presented with a very easy opportunity to finish the move off with a goal.

4. Counter the backboard by playing from the wall

Although backboard play will lead to more goals, you can actually defend against it if you learn to play from the wall.

The best defenders in Rocket League have exceptional wall play skills, so it’s important to learn how to use them. You can clear balls to the side, defend backboard dunks and save shots heading towards the top corners even when you're out of boost.

Take the time to learn how to use wall play momentum to your advantage and you’ll soon be part of the Rocket League elite.

5. Be a team player or fail

Rocket League is a team game. If you’re coming into it expecting to score all the goals without the help of your teammates, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Even a team of three all-star individuals will come unstuck against a team that know how to play together. Learn to pass, trust your buddy to make the right moves and always check to see if they’re open to spring an attack. Put this all together and you and your chums will become much better players.

Of course, the most important aspect of teamwork is communication. You can achieve great things even with the D-pad callouts, but obviously a headset and mic is your best bet for in-game co-ordination.

Build a team with others that are on the same wavelength and you will all have a much bigger chance at improving. Rocket League is a multiplayer hit with gamers, but it can seem daunting.

Check out these tips and tricks in order to up your game online and dominate. I hope you have found something in this article that you can take and apply to your game immediately. More details about rocket league can be found in the Rocket League Credits Trading website: https://www.igvault.com/Rocket-League-Items


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