Request a Refund

TagandLikes Refund Policy

Our decisions about refunds are final. All refund cases are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and depend on the facts and circumstances of the particular issue. We'll notify you if we decided to offer a refund after evaluating all of the available facts of the case. All refunds are made at our sole discretion and without admission of liability.
When understanding the types of refunds, please note that:

Pro Account Upgrades:
Pro Account upgrades are non-refundable. Upgrades  are based on final decision of the user and cannot be reversed. In certain exceptional cases we are able to offer changes to pro account type. If you are having issues with Pro Upgrades then we ask that you send us an email stating clearly :

1. The time the issue occurred
2. The date the incident occurred
3. A clear description of the issue and or additional facts (photos, clips, transaction records etc...) that may assist in resolving the issue you are experiencing so that we may investigate thoroughly the challenge.

Ads services availability: We don't automatically give refunds when ad services are unavailable or disrupted. We may consider issuing a refund on a case-by-case basis where we determine that ad delivery has been significantly impacted, at a substantial rate and over a significant period, by an unplanned interruption to our ad services caused by a system bug. A "system bug" would be in essence a technical issue on our platform.

Ad performance: TagsandLikes is unable to guarantee in every instance that your ad will reach its intended target or achieve the outcome you select. We do not give refunds for poor ad performance or can guarantee intended return on investment.


Important!!!: Subscribers may use the button above to submit refund requests, all other refund request should be submitted using our contact form.