Type of Washing Machines in the Market

There are two types of fully automatic machines. It can either be a top loading or a front loading machine. The aesthetic difference between these two types of machines is location of the door.

There are two types of fully automatic machines. It can either be a top loading or a front loading machine. The aesthetic difference between these two types of machines is location of the door.

A. Top Loading Washing Machine

As the name suggests, the top loading machines loads laundry into a drum from the top as its sits vertically. A top loader has either an agitator or an impeller. An agitator spins the laundry using fins fixed to a pole in the middle of the drum. On the other hand, an impeller thrusts water from the bottom of the drum.

A top loading washing machine is great for people with back problems because they do not bend while doing laundry. It also takes up less space because it opens at the top.

This design also has the advantage of mold control as the moisture escapes from the top instead of being trapped inside. A top loader allows you to add other laundry items as it is running. You don’t have to pause it.

Despite these advantages, the load loader has a smaller space in the drum because of the agitator in the middle of the barrel. This means you have to do several rounds of washes if you have a large load.

B. Front Loading Washing Machine

The barrel or drum is placed horizontally. It cleans laundry by turning it around in the barrel. This also helps in preserving the original feel of the fabric because friction only happens when the clothes rub against each other.

Front Loading Washing Machine

A front loader is heavier than a top loader. Instead of an agitator, this machine has paddles on the walls of the barrel. This feature also leaves more space inside for clothes unlike a top loader with an agitator because the middle of its barrel is occupied.

The front loader saves water because the drum depends on gravity to submerge clothes in the water. This is unlike a top loader that requires a sufficient amount of water to execute a spin. This machine also squeezes water out of clothes so that they take less time in the dryer. This makes it energy efficient.

Additionally, a front loader needs more space for the door to open and close easily. If the door doesn’t close properly, it leaks. It would also be tiring to load it while the door is half open because the machine is stuffed in a tight corner.

For semi-automatic machines there are many designs in the market, but the basic concept of the design is the same because they have two tubs. Different brands have sleek looking modern designs but the basic two-tub design remains.

semi automatic washing machine. Credit: Amazon.com

A fully automatic gives a clean wash and even removes stains. The front loader is particularly efficient in stain removal without damaging the fabric. As the clothes spin in the drum, the water activates the detergent and the friction between the clothes starts the stain removal process.

In a top loader, the agitator rubs against the clothes to cause friction that removes stains on garments though this may damage the fabric if it is a gentle material. However, a semi-automatic is not as efficient in stain removal and you may do so manually.

As you can see, there are a number of differences and advantages of both the front loading and top loading washing machine so my suggestion is you re-read this section to see which features are better suited for you

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