How Much Electricity Does Induction Cooking Stove Use?

How Much Electricity Does Induction Cooking Stove Use?

The consumption of electricity by an induction cooktop will depend on the watts specified on the device. For example, if the label on the device mentions 2000 watt or 2 kW and if you are using it on for 1 hour then it will use 2 unit of electricity.

However, the label indicates the maximum consumption power of the device. To get a precise measurement of actual electricity consumed you can use a KillAwatt device like this and it will tell you exactly how much total electricity is consumed for any electrical device including your induction cooktop.

killAwatt Electricity Usage Monitor

Is Induction Cooking Cheaper Than gas?

Induction stovetop is significantly more energy efficient than gas. Any food being cooked with induction will receive 90% of the heat generated (and hence will cook faster) as opposed to only 40-55% for gas. Induction cooking is more energy efficient because it uses the magnetic property of cookware to directly heat it only and nothing else, unlike gas cooktop.

When considering the cost, induction appliances tend to be more expensive upfront because you will need to shell out for new pots and pans for induction, as only induction-ready cookware can be used for induction cooking.

One easy way of identifying whether your cookware is induction ready is to place a piece of the magnet at the bottom of the cookware. If the magnet sticks you can use the cookware for induction.

How Many Watts Does An Induction Stove Use?

The watts vary depending on the manufacturer. There are inexpensive induction cooktops that come with a wide Watt range starting from a 200-watt to 1,800 watts like this one here.

Stovetops with 7-inch burners generally span from 1,200 to 1,800 watts, while 9-inch ones generally start from 2,200 watts and can rise to 3,300 watts.

Induction stovetops with 11-inch burners, in general, come with a capacity up to 3,700 watts at it’s highest settings.

What is the Difference Between 1200 watt and 1800 watt Induction?

Watt specified on the label indicates the power of the device. So 1800 watt induction will convert more of consumed electricity into heat than 1200 watt. As the higher watt device will heat up more quickly it will take lesser time to cook but the 1800 watt device will consume more electricity than the 1200 watt induction.

Which is Better Induction or Electric Cooktop?

The induction cooktop is better than electric cooktop in terms of safety, energy efficiency and cleaning.
Safety: From a safety point of view induction cooktop is safer than the electric cooktop, When you turn on an electric burner the whole cooktop gets heat up. With induction cooktops, only the cookware you are heating will get heated up and not the cooktop surface.

Energy Efficiency: Induction cooktop is more energy efficient because It will directly heat the cookware only instead of the entire cooktop thus saving the amount you pay in your electricity bill. One liter water will boil much faster on induction than either gas or electric cooktop thus saving energy as well. Unlike electric, the heat you get with induction is almost instant.

After cooking cleaning: Since induction cooktops don’t heat anything else except the cookware, if you happen to have an overflow, food cannot become baked on the induction cooktop, unlike the electric cooktop. You can simply wipe your induction cooktop with a damp cloth or the same spray you use everywhere else in your kitchen.



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